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EU to impose restrictions on Ghana's cocoa if deforestation through illegal mining continues.

As a strong environmental advocate,it saddens my heart to see how forest reserves and big water bodies are getting destroyed on daily basis.

It is very pathetic how we sit unconcern at this 21st century to watch our water bodies carelessly get destroyed for the parochial and selfish interest of some few greedy individuals.

The current government seriously campaigned against the illegal mining menace and even the president placed his presidency on the line on this galamsey menace. Unfortunately the menace has quadrupled by some known high profile members of this administration but the president wants evidence before they are made to face the law.

A lot of measures have been put in place by this current regime to tackle the menace but unfortunately,things have gotten out of hands

The latest organisations to add their voice to the galamsey menace is the European Union.

According to the organisation,the country should try as much as possible to put in place the appropriate measures to curb the rampant destruction of forest reserves through illegal mining.

The organisation added that ,if the country fails to comply to this request,then the organisation will be compelled to place serious restrictions on the country's cocoa that are imported into the EU

This was disclosed by the deputy chief executive officer of the Ghana cocoa board.

According to the deputy chief executive officer, if this happens,the nation would have no other place to sell our cocoa so he called on the necessary stakeholders to put in place the appropriate measures to halt the wanton destruction of our forest reserves because as a result of illegal mining.

Aside the destruction of forest reserves ,many towns are at the risk of not getting access to clean potable water because virtually most of our major water bodies have been polluted polluted by the activities of these illegal miners.

It is very sad how we allow ourselves as Ghananians for our water bodies and forest reserves to be destroyed mostly by foreigners.

The sad part of the whole situation is that,we cannot dare go their country and try same there.

Why are chiefs and pastors and other important personalities in our country quite while our lives are gradually being taken away from us

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