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[Picture] - if This Man Dies 'Watin' Kill Am

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Entertainment is seen as one of the very essential thing in the life of every human being on this Earth as an adage goes "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy and all play and no work makes jack a lazy boy". This adage means one must do the two simultaneously to become happy in life. Most people especially workers in the public sector used to have fun and entertainment on weekends. Some of the places these people go are beaches, club and hotels just to have fun and release stress.

One of the entertainment places where people go there day in and day out especially in the night is the 'sport' or the 'club'. Most people especially the youth go there to have fun and entertainment and sometimes young boys also go there in the night to search for their love ones. Due to this factor most curvaceous ladies go there with the intention of snatching the attention of some boys who go there to search for love.

On the internet today is picture showing how a boy's drink in a club is poisoned due to the fact that he gave his attention to a curvaceous lady in the scene. The caption on the picture as it was sighted is a questionable one that goes; If this man die waiting kill am

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