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Best Farmer at Bibiani Western Region murdered(Check details)

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We came on this earth but our destiny is unknown.Mr. Samuel Aboagye Dacosta 2020 Best farmer at Bibiani Anwiaso in the Western Region of Ghana Murdered.This man has plenty acres of lands with bountiful crops this qualifies him to become the best farmer at Bibiani in 2020.According to the information reaching us clearly states that,nobody knows the person who caused the murder of this prominent personality.It is circumambulating in the Western region of Ghana that,this man mistakenly shot himself others are also saying it is a food poison from unknown source yet we will continue to find more information concerning about the causative of his death to see whether he murdered himself,food poison or somebody murdered him.

According to yaw Donkor one of his boys who use to work with this man in the farming activities,who has worked with this man for almost seven years clearly redefines that,this incident occurred from a far distance from where they were working,Yaw Donkor furtherly stated that,before the incident,Mr Samuel Aboagye Dacosta was there with his labourers in his pineapple farm working and alerted them that,he wants to go to the bush to see if he can get a game.

When he walked some far distance away from them they did not hear anything again but what they heard afterwards was a gunshot so they rushed to the place to find out the reason behind the gunshot.When they went there they only found the dead body of their boss lying in the bush.When they heard the gunshot a voice like human was echoing in the gunshot this made them realised that may be its a human being who has been shot so when they went there,it was their boss.They could not controlled themselves at that moment this made them reported the case to the police so police is doing a terror investigation to see the causative of the death of Mr.Aboagye Dacosta.Please send your comments coming,like and share this article.

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