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CCTV Catches A Gentle-Looking Man Skilfully Stealing From A Provision Shop

Most people believe that persons who dress nicely have a lower risk of stealing from shops and other establishments. If three persons are captured at a location where money or commodities go missing, and one of them is shabbily dressed, the shabbily dressed person will be accused of stealing the money or products. Meanwhile, it's possible that one of the properly dressed individuals took the money.

People who are well dressed are likewise treated with a lot of respect by most shopkeepers. This is due to the fact that they believe they have money and will not steal from them even if they leave it on the counter. But the gentleman in your picture has shocked many people on social media as he tricked a female shopkeeper at a provision store and steal the shop money in a drawer.

Watching the video carefully, the gentleman paid for the items bought from the shop and the shop attendance opened the drawer and gave him change. In view of this, he spotted where the money is being kept. It appears there was one item he wanted to buy which is not in the shop but another storage room. So the shopkeeper left the counter without locking the drawer with the money.

As the lady was looking for the item for him, the gentleman got closer to the drawer and opened it. He was captured looking in the direction where the lady went and taking money from the drawer without looking into it. He pretended to make a call so that the shopkeeper will not hear the sound of the drawer when open it.

After stealing the money, he put it inside the goods he bought and went his way. If it wasn't the SCCTV, the shopkeeper wouldn't believe that a gentle-looking man like this could steal from a provision shop. Moral lesson: Do not judge people by their appearance but always be vigilant.


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