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Death by Execution: Ghanaians ‘call for blood’ after this act of ‘cannibalism’ in Abesim went viral

The Abesim killings is topping the chart. We have witnessed crime upon crime and we have seen how robbers are dealt with. Some of the most notorious robbers who have once lived in this country were sent to prions to serve their entire life. Others were kept in a state that they would wish for nothing but death at a point. However, this young man called Richard from Abesim has raised the bar in the kind of crimes we see each day. He has touched and twisted a fabric that had been left bare and untouched for as long as we can remember.

This is the fabric concerning pure and unfiltered wickedness as he takes the life of children and steal their future away from them. This is why Ghanaians who are in pain and anguish are calling for his execution. The young man who is currently in police custody is making negative waves with this act even in jail and this tells us all the harm he has caused Ghanaians. Some people of Abesim after a brief discussion with them have revealed that they think the man should be executed by hanging.

This is because they claim what he did or has done demands his execution in the sense that he has brought curses to our land. And anyone who does that should be taken off this land since he becomes an abomination. One woman who was angrily and emotionally spilling her heart out went to the extent to reveal that she had had a dream where the young man’s punishment was by execution.

Many have been traumatized by the event and are taking it to their sleep and are having it in their dreams according to experts who feel this man’s crime has caused severe and more damages to people than we can think of. People are having nightmares about this and it’s worrying.

With fear gripping many after realizing these unexpected and unthinkable act could happen in this country, must Richard face this punishments as desired by some heartbroken Ghanaians? Will the law and does the law permit it? Will he be jailed for life or years? Let’s wait and hear what the court has to tell us.

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