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Avoid doing these 5 things in your kitchen if you use a gas cylinder, you may be risking your life

We can not even count the number of lives that are lost annually to fire outbreaks and burns which result from the careless use of gas fuel and gas cylinders in our homes.

Liquified petroleum gas is the most inflammable fuel in the world and as such must be handled with absolute care and attention to avoid calamities such as loss of lives and properties.

Let us look at about 5 hazardous things we do in our homes in the handling of this dangerous fuel which endanger our lives and properties.

1.Keeping gas stoves in the kitchen is a very very bad and dangerous idea which could lead to the death of an entire family and cause huge loss of properties.

You may not know when your gas cylinder will develop a leak or puncture and any Match strike that comes into contact with it will cause an explosion and you not what that mean so avoid it.

Instead keep them outside the kitchen or probably in a cage to prevent thieves from stealing them , then connect the cylinder through your window into the kitchen.

2.Rusty and old gas cylinders are very dangerous and have proven to be the number cause of gas explosion and fire outbreaks in our homes.

We should try our best to paint our cylinders at least after every 9 months of use to keep them in good shame and last long.

3.Totally do away with calls whiles using gas cylinders in the kitchen or better still avoid sending your mobile phones into the kitchen in order not to get distracted.

The radioactive Waves emitted from the phone while you make your phone calls is capable of causing a fire outbreak.

4.Get used to using transparent gas cylinders which are easy to see through rather than the metallic ones you’ll have to shake or role to know the quantity of gas left in the cylinder.

The shaking and rolling of the metallic cylinders always cause holes in the but the transparent ones are using made of plastic and are transparent.

5.Use the appropriate means of lighting the gas stove which involves using your hands to strike the match stick and holding the stick in your left hand while turning on the stove with the other hand.

This prevents you from being burnt and dropping the match stick on the ground or probably into any flammable substance in the kitchen.

I believe our homes will be much safer if we all adhere to the following guidelines above and prevent loss of lives and property and putting ourselves in total debts that may land us into prison.

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Content created and supplied by: Aaron_the_blogger (via Opera News )


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