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Woman Recalls How Her Granddaughter Got Missing After Her Friend Came To Their House

A woman called Boahema from Asokore Mampong narrates how her granddaughter used to get missing after her friend came to their house one afternoon. According to the woman, her granddaughter named Ama came home with her new friend, after the friend left their house, her granddaughter too got missing that night.

The woman said she stop going to work the following morning and search for her for a couple of days but didn't find Ama, two weeks later some men brought her home. She asked the young girl why she did that, her granddaughter told her that she used to hear voices which keeps telling her that she will be killed if she comes back home. Boahema claims she advised her never to move out of the house without seeking permission from her.

She went to her workplace with the young girl but she again got missing all of a sudden, she went through all their neighbouring towns yet she didn't find her granddaughter. One month later some other men brought the young girl back to her but she was looking untidy and also lost weight. She sent the young girl to different churches for help but she spent all her money on the things those pastors requested for.

Just recently her granddaughter fetched water and went to the bathroom to take her bath but she kept longer periods without coming out of the bathroom, Boahema went there to find only the water but her granddaughter was no where to be found. Ama came came back home three months later looking very pale. According to the young girl, it is her friend who have been coming for her at midnight. She also revealed that she has been staying with her friend whenever she leaves home. Her friend later too introduced her to a man and they started dating.

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Ama Asokore Mampong Boahema


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