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If Security Is Of The Muscles, Aisha Huang Would Not Have Embarrassed GIS; Johnnie Hughes Tells GIS

Johnnie Hughes, who is the host of the TV3 Jonnies bite has revealed how some of the Ghana Immigration Service personnels planned the beaten of a TV reporter all because they think that security is of the muscles.

Acccording to Johnnie Hughes, one of his colleagues was called by the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) department willingly. They granted Joseph Armstrong the authoritative permit to come into their premises.

He did so and when he got there, they asked him to wait outside the premises and as he was waiting for them to grant him entry permit, a phone call from above revealed that, Joseph Armstrong should no longer be allowed to enter the premises. And at that very instance, he was given the most terrible serious beatings of his life at the Ghana Immigration Service headquarters, Johnnie Hughes explained.

I am fully aware of the fact that you beat him up and later made calls to begged for forgiveness that what happened was not right. Johnnie Hughes added.

You the Ghana Immigration Service Department should act smart with your minds and not move about beating others. Because security they say is not in our muscles but in our mind. And for this reason Aisha Huang embarrassed you totally. Use your minds and not your muscles, he concluded.

"I know that you beat up our reporter, Joseph Armstrong. Oh yes, you beat him up. You granted permission that he should come into your premises and later there was a call that he should not be allowed and he was beaten at the Ghana Immigration Service headquarters. I know you beat him up and you made calls to beg. Security is not in our muscles, it is in our mind", Johnnie Hughes said.

What your take on the fact that, Jonnies Hughes says that security is in our mind and not in the muscles?

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