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She Was Physically Fit Until The Unexpected Happened And She Had Lived in Bowl Ever Since

There are so many people around the world who have various body disabilities, making it harder for them to do their daily activities. Some are lame, def, paralysed and blind. For who you are, and what the almighty God has given you, should you always praise him.

A girl named Rahma Haruna spent her entire life in a plastic bowl, because her hands and legs did not develop, so she was born with this rare condition.

Her parents discovered she had an undeveloped growth when she was supposed to grow but was healthy at the age of six months. Her legs and hands refused to grow and her whole body suffered from pain and fever all the time.

She was disabled and helpless by this condition. Her parents put her in a plastic bowl, where she spent her whole life, and her parents had no choice because of the poverty in their family.

Her parents loved her till she died at the age of 19 despite her disabilities. Her death brought her parents and her siblings alot of sadness as they so loved her.

"I've been looking for how to heal her from this sickness, I've spent fifteen years seeking cure, going into the market, worked so hard at the farm, I've just sold most of my property to get her hospital bills".

"We have campaigned a lot and called for help, but we didn't have enough money. Someone at one time gave a wheelchair, and moving it from one place to another was easier." Her dad revealed".

What do you think could have caused this unfortunate condition? Let's hear your opinion

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Rahma Haruna


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