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Landlord Releases Dog To “Chew” Policeman Who Came To His House To Arrest Him (

Chasing is something that comes naturally to a lot of dogs. Sometimes dogs chase people who they find intimidating or dangerous. At other times too, dogs chase thieves or bad people who come around our homes. They serve as our protectors. Dogs are known to have excellent eyesight and awareness of the world around them, so chasing comes naturally to them. There are many times that many people get chased by dogs which belong to other people. Sometimes, when you train your dog, it can chase away people that it finds scary or they suspect that they can cause harm.

Police officers are really suffering in Ghana in the hands of some wicked culprits. There is one landlord whom a Police officer stormed his house to arrest him for committing an hidden crime. This landlord released a wild dog to stop the Police from entering his house. The Police who was on the wall was trying to find ways and means of getting into the compound of the house but the dog was eager to finish him. The Policeman who was holding a gun was hesitant to jump into the house because it could be a death sentence for him.

Take a look at photos from the scene;

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