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Her Peers Use To Mock Her Because Of Her Body.

Pricilla Aqilla wasn't always blessed with the body of her dreams. Her peers in high school mocked her for having a "big lower body," as she put it.

Needless to say, Pricilla's self-esteem suffered as a result of these remarks. She did, however, have a younger sister for whom she wanted to set a good example, which motivated her to join a gym.

She's gone above and beyond what she set out to do through years of hard work, becoming a fitness model with a stunning physique and an inspiration to fans all over the world.

“It’s a long and tough process to achieving your goals, but those days when you just want to give up are the most important. These are the days you grow!”

“Growing up as an adolescent I recall the feeling of always being left out and alone. My poor eating habits caused me to be a little on the bigger side, especially when it came to my lower body" she said.

To this day I can still recall the stares and name-calling throughout the hallways and in my classes. ''It took a toll on my self-esteem and to say I was heartbroken is an understatement.”

Back in high school, Pricilla’s life looked different from today. She was slightly overweight, and because of it, she was teased and mocked by other girls and boys in her school. “I was always picked on for my big lower body. It was heartbreaking for me.” Pricilla Aqilla standing on the sandy beach looking fit and toned

Pricilla Aqilla sitting on a porch in a red bikini looking fit and lean

Pricilla Aqilla posing in the gym

Pricilla Aqilla posing in a bikini looking fit and curvy

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Pricilla Pricilla Aqilla


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