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You Cannot Follow Us If You Can Not Drink Blood: Alleged Offinso Sakawa Boys Brag In Video

Some young men who have been alleged to be "Sakawa" boys made a video which went viral and the words they used in the video only calls for caution. I wouldn't hesitate leaving the link to the full video at the end of this article you can check it out if you really want to see what happened.

Angel FM Kumasi discovered the trending video and decided to make more enquiries about it because upon looking at the choice of words of these boys, they got to realize the citizens over there were in great danger. These boys had formed a very massive convoy and were making a video of the exciting movement of the cars.

One wouldn't criticize them for seeing them in a convoy because it is very relieving getting to see that a group of people have made it in life and are enjoying the fruits of their labor. One of them had to say that "if you cannot drink blood, you cannot follow us".

This is where the problem lies because it poses a great threat to the people living in that vicinity as well as the general public as a whole. They made mention of the fact that they drink blood which means whenever asked to perform that ritual, they are likely to kill a person living in that vicinity and use his blood for the said rituals.

People in the vicinity after realizing the words of these guys put on their anger armor and reported the case to the leaders of the municipality. Luckily, the Offinso municipal assembly got to see the video and also heard the cries of the people.

According to them, they are setting up a watchdog committee who will make sure that they maintain order in the community at night. The lives of people shouldn't be subjected to fear and for that reason, they are making sure they eradicate any unlawful acts in the community.

The divisional police commander of the facility also had his say with regards to the whole issue. Never are they letting these alleged Sakawa boys put fear in the people living over there.

I just want to tell you all to take very good care of yourselves because looking at how wild some people are, they never mind killing others to get material benefits in life. Here is the Link to the video, you can check it out.

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