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"Another scam in the making; Operation hide under Holy Bible to deceive more"- Netizen Mocks Agradaa

Many people convert from their beliefs and religion to other religion across the globe. This happens mostly between Christians and the Muslims through marriage and others but the new one in the country which has surprised everyone in the country is the Fetish priestess, Nana Agradaa. Although within her heart, she has changed but some people are finding it difficult to believe due to her past life.

After Nana Agradaa's tv station was closed down by the National Communication Authority (NCA) and was arrested, she prayed to God that she is ready to do His work so she must be bailed in His merciful name. She has made it to the public that, she is no more Nana Agradaa but Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng because the Lord listen to her cry and saved her from the prison.

Just yesterday, a flier of Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng has popped up on social media which is saying, she is going to have a revival soon. This would have been a great news but some Netizens do not believe her and they are saying, "Another scam in the making; Operation hide under Holy Bible to deceive more".

We must believe the woman because God uses such people to glorify Himself to tell the world that, He is a God of just and in Him Al things are possible.

Check out comments people made. What is your comments as well. Do you believe Nana Agradaa us now born again and the Lord is going to use her?

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