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Nigerian Police Have Arrested Some Group Of People For Producing Fake Malt.

Please we should be careful of what we buy and drink because some people are very wicked they can do anything to make money.

Nigerian police have arrested some group of people who was caught using harmful liquid to produce malt drink for the public to drink.

According to one of them, he said they mix up harmful liquid which they have kept for a long time in a drum.

They mix the liquid with existing malt drink and sell it for the people to drink it is very difficult to identify it.

This information was disseminated on Instagram by a popular blogger Tunde and it got people talking about it saying they should kill those people because the deserve death, why should people take joy in killing their follow human being all in the name of money.

Nigerian police are trying to further the case to court to make sure the corporates pay for this deadly crime.

We are in the world that people take rick to make money by killing their follow human being just because of money. 

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