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Road Accident

"There Are Individuals Beneath The Rubble" Said Apiate Resident Mathew Ayeh.

This occurred just a few hours ago.

A mining truck purportedly carrying explosives collided with a motorcycle in Ghana on Thursday, setting off a blast that reduced structures to rubble and left a gaping crater in the ground, killing at least 50 people.

The precise number of people killed in the disaster at Apiate, in southwestern Ghana, remains unknown. The Ghanaian police force said it was conducting investigations and urged inhabitants of neighbouring communities to open their churches and classrooms to the injured.

According to the authorities, the truck was traveling between the gold mines of Tarkwa and Chirano, and the majority of the wounded were sent to the adjacent town of Bogoso for treatment.

According to Aaron Awusu, a resident of Apiate, the truck collided with a motorcycle that had crossed its path, causing the truck to catch fire. He claimed that the drivers of both vehicles retreated and attempted to advise others to do the same, but that some of them were filming the incident on their phones and did not move.

Media platforms videos had shown the truck engulfed in flames just before the explosion. People gathered to watch, and at least a dozen men and women approached it, one of whom was holding a baby on her hip.

Then came the explosion, according to Mr. Awusu.

"All of a sudden, the car detonated, demolishing the entire Apiate village and killing practically everyone in close proximity to the car," he added of the mining truck. "Both the road and the car were utterly obliterated."

The truck was labeled as a "mining explosive vehicle" by the Ghana Police Service in a statement. Mr. Mohammed claimed it was loaded with dynamite.

Mr. Mohammed stated that the truck driver was not among the deceased and that he had not been charged.

"The driver of the automobile was able to flee," he explained.

The armed forces asked bystanders to leave the scene after a few hours, fearful that another explosion may occur. Emergency crews were combing the rubble for victims when the area was cordoned off to the public.

"Some of the people have been buried," claimed Apiate resident Mathew Ayeh.

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