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2021- Figure Out Two Most Dangerous Revelations That Have Happened In Ghana So Far.

Many strange things sometimes do occur in Ghana every year but this year's occurrences are very exceptional and disheartening.

Ghanaians and even beyond have been in the state of dilemma ever since the under listed these came to light:

The Abesim Murder Case

The Abesim Murder Case really set the whole of Ghana ablaze and since then we couldn't have gotten answers to as what triggered an abled young man - Richard Appiah to have butchered human body into his refrigerator.

That is to say that The Abesim Murder Case was the most dangerous sin to have ever committed in Ghana.

And just when Ghanaians thought everything was all over another sad but surprised news also broke out.

The Takoradi Kidnapping Saga Is The Second Shocking Revelations.

On the 16th of September this year news broke out in Ghana that a pregnant woman had been kidnapped in Takoradi.

In fact the Takoradi pregnant woman's case really affected almost all Ghanaians because how could one kidnapped a pregnant.

The news was actually aired on all the media channels that we have in Ghana.

However the news about the kidnapped pregnant woman was all a set up.

This means that the lady in question wasn't pregnant and for that matter she was not kidnapped also.

Apparently she faked this whole saga of being pregnant and also kidnapped.

In conclusion, so far in the year 2021 the two most disheartening news that have happened in Ghana is the Abesim Murder Case and the Fake Takoradi kidnapped pregnant woman - and which of course we are praying to God to help and also heal our motherland Ghana.

Content created and supplied by: Scarletbuggarti (via Opera News )

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