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Don't Board The Mini Bus To Makola - Don't Board The Mini Bus To Makola - Mad Woman Says

Have you ever wondered why the world is so full of mysteries, well take time for me to tell you my story on how a mad woman saved my life.

I am Donkor but people usually call me Mega because of how flexible I am. I'm tall and dark in complexion but hold on I'm not here to to talk about myself.

On one hot sunny day, I decided to visit my cousin at Makola, so I planned to go and board a car at the station very early for me to arrive early. It was exactly 9.a.m.and I had wore white ironed long sleeves shirt with my black trousers in addition. I gently walked to the station and on arriving there, I heard the call of the drivers mate shouting "Makola" "Makola" I intended on boarding the mini bus, just from no where, a mad woman stopped me and demanded me to buy her food, I almost pushed her away until she mentioned the name of my father, at that moment, I was flabbergasted and decided to listen to what she had for me. She told me to return to the house. At that point, I became furious and pushed her away and to my surprise she had soiled my white ironed long sleeves shirt with sand and I had to return to the house. The people around just shouted on her and I returned home.

On reaching the house, I was furious to the point that I could even kill a lion at that moment with my anger, I turned on my television and the first headline I read made me frightened. The mini bus I was about to board had indulge in anaccident and the only thing I recalled was the mad woman. At the that moment, I went on my knees and prayed to God for saving me from this accident.

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