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She Was Publicly Humiliated By A Pastor For Exposing Her Body (Photos)

A young girl in a video going viral on social media is being publicly humiliated and degraded by a pastor for wearing indecent body-exposing clothes showing her thighs and cleavages.

While walking with a friend, the young girl, whose identity is withheld, was stopped by a pastor who followed her, dehumanising her for her choice of clothes. The young girl and her friend were ashamed, so they yelled at the pastor to stop following them and asked the person behind the camera to stop filming them. 

During his street preaching, the pastor repeatedly told her that her outfit was enticing and she should go back home and change it to something decent.

She yelled at the pastor again. The pastor refused to let her go, insisting she kneel and turn so he could pray for her and probably cast away the spirit of enticement. She scumbled to the pastor's sermon, who had refused to let her go. He gave her some advice and prayed for her. He advised her to dress sensibly so that she might attract responsible men.

His final act involved giving her money so she could shop for decent clothes, praying for her, and then advising her to buy appealing clothes and know her body is not for the devil or mere male satisfaction.

Instagram users have reacted differently to the video. Some of those who reacted were baffled as to whether or not it was a shameful act. Some claim she's an adult and has the right to make her own choice. If you were to be this girl and a pastor stopped you and humiliated you like he did to her, how would you react and handle the situation?

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