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Plane Crash

Ghana must construct some of its highway roads large enough for plane emergency landings

In the course of our daily lives, anything can happen. These are uncertainties which are not expected to happen. But they do happen.

In today's article, let us see the meaning of emergency landing by some planes.

This is where a plane has had fault on either its engine or part of the plane and wants to land as soon as possible.

This means they need to find any nearby airport and land whether it is their destination or not.

However, what if there is no airport nearby. What will happen to the plane.

This calls for the construction of some of the highways in Ghana in such a way that planes can land on it in case of emergencies. That means there should not be any street poles of light in the middle of the highway, it should only be at the side of the road. This will make the road not an airport but at least it can help a plane land safely in case of emergency.

This will surely reduce plane crashes because most of the plane crashes occur as as result of no immediate landing area.

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