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How Possible: Woman And Cold Store Owner Busted For Selling And Buying Of Rotted Chickens At Kumasi.

Frozen foods imported into the country may be a major source of the various diseases that kill people in their youth, but both the previous and current governments have failed to halt it, for reasons only God knows.

In actuality, chicken brought into the country spends months at sea before reaching our shores, but we eat it like it's nothing. Our own local fowls appear to be an abomination to eat these days, which could be due to the mental servitude most of us are experiencing. Because the ideal things that our forebears employed and lived long are now regarded an obscenity in Ghanaian society, I mentioned mental enslavement. We even prefer to communicate in a foreign language than our native tongues. Even among police officers, this is the case.

A few days ago, it was reported that a high-ranking police officer warned his subordinates that speaking twi in court is a disgrace. How could a grown man speak like this if he wasn't brainwashed?

Now, let's get to the meat of the matter. Police in the Ashanti region confiscated unfit chicken meat that was close to rotting from one Abiba, who planned to roast the chicken for sale in Asuofia, Adakwame, and Kejetia. When the cops intercepted the bad products, they were being transported in a tricycle.

Since her detention, Abiba has led the KMA environmental health authorities to arrest Kwadwo Asare, the owner of a cold store in Asafo market. The two suspects have been taken to the Ridge Police Station, where they will be investigated and maybe sentenced to prison. Because what you consume outside could lead to your death due to someone's greed to amass wealth for themselves. Your safety lies in the hands of you but nobody else. Don't compromise on quality. Your life is more important than anything else.

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