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7 year old Mohammed subjected to cruel punishment by Dad

A seven-year-old kid was attached to a post and shrouded in nectar to draw in honey bees by his father as a discipline. An act which is deemed to be inhuman by all standard.

The kid, distinguished just as Muhammad D, was cold-bloodedly rebuffed after a neighbor blamed him for robbery in Egypt. 

His father, 34, is said to have attached the kid to a post prior to covering him with nectar to draw in honey bees to sting him. 

The father, who has not been named, at that point apparently positioned his child on the top of their home. 

It is muddled how long the kid was left on the rooftop however bee hives and mosquitoes assembled on the kid's body while he was there and, as his hands were bound behind him, he was unable to smack the creepy crawlies away. more subtleties in the article beneath.

Do you think parents are suppose to chastise their children every means possible in order for them not to turn into societal misfits?. Share your thoughts on that.

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Dad Mohammed Muhammad D


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