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Woman Coils Up Her Body As If She Is Elastic In Viral Video

In a video posted by The Sun is a lady doing the impossible with her body. She moved her body in a way and twisted it as if she had an elastic body and bones. This woman in the video was able to coil her body to take her upper parts through her thighs to her behind. No body does that unless one has a bone made of elastic. And as we all know the human bone is as hard as a rock and will only break in an attempt to bend it.

The post on Twitter by The Sun.

This unknown lady proved otherwise by being able to bend her bones without any breakages. This woman might have done a lot of practice to be able to succeed at this. I will believe she has been doing this from infancy with how swift she was able to do that without any difficulty. This woman can't be human for doing this.

Most people can barely touch their toes but she was able to coil her whole body up like a snake. I will advise viewers and readers not to try this at home because it looks dangerous for the ordinary human to try, unless you have an elastic bones too.

Watch video below:

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