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A Ghanaian traditional food: Aprapransa.

There seem to be culturally ascribed foods to some ethnic groups in Ghana. Just like God in His covenant with the Israelites prohibited them from eating some foods and encouraged them to eat others, some tribes also have been ascribed to eat some foods more.

Let's discuss some Akan traditional foods and how they are prepared.

1. APRAPRANSA: "Aprapransa" is Akan traditional delicacy. It is prepared from fried maize flour, salted fish, palmnut soup, and dried fish.

Prepare a delicious palm nut soup with desirable ingredients of your choice. Stuff the soup with pieces of dried fish. Add the fried maize flour to your soup and stir. This is your APRAPRANSA.

Prepare a nice stew with palmnut oil and lots of smoked salmon.

Serve your apreprensa with the stew and ENJOY.

2. MPOTOMPOTO or NUHU: Mpotompoto or Nuhu is an Akan delicacy. It is prepared from cocoyam.

Prepare your palmnut soup with salted fish and dried fish. Peel your cocoyam and cut them into small pieces. Add them into the palmnut soup and boil till the pieces of cocoyam mash in the soup. Regularly stir while boiling to help the mashing process. Let it form a thick porridge-like mixture.

Prepare a nice stew with palmnut oil and lots of smoked salmon.

Now serve your 1`|© to © to get or nuhu with the stew.

3. Etor: This traditional food is prepared from slightly riped plantain, fried groundnuts, palm oil. It can also be prepared with cocoyam or yam instead of the plantain.

Grind some pepper, onion and the fried groundnuts etc together. Add the cooked plantain and mash it in the ground pepper. Add palmthexx eex x xr the oil.

Serve with boiled eggs and or avocado.

Let's know your traditional food and how it is prepared.

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By: jmahama

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