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3 Foreigners Arrested In Kokrobitey For Engaging Young Women In Mating Videos

Police command in Kokrobitey has been able to arrest 3 foreigners for doing this. 

Report sighted by “Davidographix" on (UTV) is that, 3 south Africans have been arrested for recruiting young women in Kokrobitey to engage in Mating videos, in other to make money.

Again they have befriended the girls to the extent that, their parents think that their wards have gotten white men as friends. 

One of the 3 foreigners saw that the issue or what they are doing to the women is very bad, so she rushed to the Police station to report the issue there. 

The police did not joke with the matter, but they also went to arrest these foreigners. The Police inspector said that, as now, they can not say anything about the case. But they will hold and talk about the issue the next day, since it was late by then.

So this is the news coming out from Kokrobitey. Follow us, while we publish more updates.

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