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Landlord threatens to shoot Census Personnel in the Sunyani Municipality

Dr Berko Area in the Sunyani Municipality assigned to one anonymous enumerator of this year 2021 Population and Housing Census has shared his chilling experience of this year Population Census, stating how a landlord threatened to shoot him during the exercise.

Assigned to the enumeration Sunyani Municipality - Area 181, who preferred to be unknown said during the chalking stage of the exercise he was prevented by a landlord of a particular house. 

The enumerator said, he first saw the landlord who said he was just a visitor to the house and cannot provide me with any information. Upon a second visit to the house he met a lady who said it was only her husband who is can only provide the necessary information.

Calling her husband who was indoors turned out to be the same man who told me that he was just a visitor in the house. As soon as he came out and recognized me, he threatened that he would shoot me if I dared to write anything on his wall”.

Furthermore, the landlord stated that “Go and tell the DCE that I will not allow you to write on my wall” said by the alleged landlord.

Although report of the incident was made to the superior officers, he was yet to know the action that had been taken. Asked whether he was able to enumerate occupants of that particular house on the last day of the exercise or not, he said he had not done so for fear of losing his life because of his previous experience with the landlord.

When the Bono Regional Director of the Ghana Statistical Service, Mr Amatus Nobabumah was contacted concerning the incident, he indicated that it had not been notified.

“I will liaise with the Sunyani Municipal Officer to ascertain the veracity of the claim for the necessary action to be taken”, he stated.

Mr Nobabumah said it was necessary that people in that particular house should not be left out in the exercise since it would not enable the country to have the actual information the exercise sought to obtain.

He further stated that citizens are required by law to respond to census enquires by the enumerators, failure of which such persons could attract a fine and/or a term of imprisonment.



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