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All you need to know about the hard drug called 'Colorado'

Recently many of us have heard the news about the Unilag female student who killed or murdered the Super TV Boss. There have been different kinds of speculation about what really happened and some of them are; the girl is a drug addict, she drinks alcohol and smokes different kinds of hard substances. It was out in the news that she took Colorado before she committed the murder, and I know so many people might be wondering what really is Colorado, and that is why in this article I'm going to shed some light on what Colorado is.


Colorado also known as Black Mamba is a drug made from synthetic plant, it contain heavy metals which are wrapped with chemicals that are not good for human consumption, is then mixed with weed. In the United States of American the drug is known as Spike. So, when you add Spike with weed it gives Colorado.

Colorado causes serious side effects such as mental health problems, psychosis and sometimes hangover which might take a long time to recover from. Colorado has also been known to cause death also.

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