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Rape Obscene

Man caught and beaten by residents after raping a young lady

Sex is enjoyed by married couples, or should say people legally married which means they have every right to have sex and at any time. Most people engage into such acts illegally and such people must be punished since it's a sin and a crime as well.

A young lady whose picture cannot be uploaded here for certain reasons have been raped by a man old enough to be her father. The incident happened after the young was asked out by the old man but refused.

The young lady have been crying since because she was threatened by the old man to endure a serious punishment from him. She cried all day long and her worried mom asked for the reason several times but she refuse to talk out.

One day, she came home crying and staggering to walk. She finally spoke the truth confessing how she was been raped by the old man. I guess we all know her mother's action.

She matched to his house with some men from the residence. The angry residents got hold of him and gave him some beatings. The angry mother then rushed towards the man and I hope we can see half of what she did in the picture above.

She didn't forgive him. The old man was later taken to the police station, as for what happened there, it's another story to tell but it probably didn't go well for the old man.

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