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She survived: The story of these sisters will make you shed tears.

We need to love each other. Love is the only thing that can heal the wounds of the heart. No matter what the situation may be, always do your best to spread love than hate.

I came across a story that I want to share with you all. A woman gave birth with twins and unfortunately, one was normal whiles the other.was disabled. The doctors told the woman that she should let the kid with disabilities go since she will not survive. Another reason for that suggestion by the doctors were that the child has no arms, legs and also a deformed head.

The woman told the doctors God is in control and all of the twins will live and not die. It's been four years now and the twins are alive looking very happy and well. Please always show love to people who are with disabilities because, they are gifts from God.

The highly talented and the disabled person seem, at first sight, to be living in completely different worlds. Gifted persons will be celebrated because of their culturally valued talents and may enjoy a lifetime of social advantages as a result. But instead of being praised for their deviation, a disabled person may need to adapt to a world that is primarily built around standards of normality and even experience a lifetime characterised by stigmatising and discrimination. Therefore, there seems to be a sharp contrast between the athlete as a cultural hero and icon and the disabled person that needs extra attention or care; the one incorporating the peak of normality, human functioning at its best, the other often representing the opposite. The concepts of ‘talent’ and ‘handicap’, however, bear certain family resemblances. Both concepts of dis-ability and super-ability are based upon deviations from standards of normality.

Disabilities are seen as a dysfunctional deviations from normality. The division between the dysfunctional and the healthy is often built from a bio-statistical notion of normal functioning. Though a dysfunction can also be the result of an accident, these deviations are in many cases the result of genetic inheritance and mutations. In the literature there is an extended discussion on how to distinguish between impairment, disability and handicap, a classical categorisation. The semantic jungle that followed from this discussion still obstructs clear debates on disability rights and public duties. We will try to avoid touching upon this jungle by merely using the term disability as a generic term.

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