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How to solve flooding in our urban areas

The consistent yearly floods in Urban areas, like Accra and Kumasi, are mostly triggered by seasonal rainfall combined with poor drainage, the dumping of waste into waterways and the low elevation of settlements. 

Though the above are some causes, the major cause of the above problem is lack of infiltration due to excessive concrete works in the cities blogging a larger surface area in the catchment areas.


Rainfall is the most important factor in creating a flood, but there are many other contributing factors. When rain falls on a catchment, the amount of rainwater that reaches the waterways depends on the characteristics of the catchment, particularly its size, shape and land use. Some rainfall is 'captured' by soil and vegetation, and the remainder enters waterways as flow. Unfortunately, our cities have very poor soil access and poor vegetative cover, hence water runoffs just flow on the earth surface freely during rainfalls and causes floods.

Our city planners must intensify education on planting grasses and other plants in residential and Industrial compounds instead of concrete works. This will improve infiltration and reduce excess water in the catchment.

Again, the remaining runoffs must settle at the natural swampy lands, but Ghana has unfortunately looked on carelessly while all our low lands and swampy areas have been filled up and sealed with concrete and bitumen. So the remaining runoffs have no place to settle, thereby causing floods.

Until we begin to consciously deal with these problems, we are not ready to solve the annual floods problem in Ghana.

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