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He Has Been Buying Coffin But He's Not Dying - Man Buys $580 Coffin To Prepare For His Burial

Death is imminent for every human being under the sun hence it's only logical to plan for what happens after you are gone. An 87-year-old man has taken the initiative to choose the coffins he would like to be buried in after his demise.

According to information gathered on social media, the man had initially purchased two coffins but destroyed them and used them as firewoods because they became outmoded in his eyes and recently purchased a new updated version of his previous coffins worth $580.

The 87-year-old Kenyan man by the name of Aloise Otieng rehearsed how he would like to be carried in the coffin et al. This is quite strange because a lot of are scared of death and will choose to avoid its existence in its entirety even though they know it's imminent. Most people like to let death take them unawares than to prepare like this old man is doing.

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Aloise Kenyan


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