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Video:This Little Boy Almost Went Crazy After Being Made To Smoke

In every society, there are rules and regulations guiding behaviors and also protect People's lives. There are norms to also ensure good moral behaviors among people.

It seems some people are always abusing those rules and norms.

In Africa, children are not allowed to use hard drugs and alcohol. And in the world at large it is against the rights of children when they are made to do things that can affect them negatively.

The little boy in this video has suffered the same thing as he almost went crazy after being made to smoke.

As you can see, someone gave him a smoke which seems to be a marijuana. After he had taken a sip of the smoke, he started exhibiting some signs like a crazy person.

He almost went crazy since the smoke is too strong a child as he is. People must advice themselves on things they do to their children. You may see it as funny. But it is rather hamming the child.

Below is the video.

Content created and supplied by: Ikefunny (via Opera News )



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