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Road Accident

Video: Take A Look At What A Lady Who Survived A Fatal Accident With Injuries Was Caught Doing

The prayer of many people is for God to protect them against road accidents and natural disasters. That is why everyone must pray for God's protection whenever they go out to work or other activities, since nobody knows what is ahead in the next few minutes.

Most people are addicted to their phones to the extent that even at the point of death or critical condition, they still want to video themselves to post it on social media.

A lady who survived a deadly accident did an unbelievable thing that will leave you in shock. In the video, the woman was seen in very critical condition and very injured after the accident.

She was seen taking videos of herself to share them on social media instead of allowing herself to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

This has become normal for many people these days. Instead of saving a person in need, they would rather take videos of them. What do you think about what the lady was caught doing instead of thinking about her health?

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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