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One of the most dangerous railway bridge in the world

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Bridges have existed for a long time and have made significant contributions to society and the nation. Bridges are an important part of a country's infrastructure because they allow raw materials and completed commodities to be transported to manufacturers, warehouses, suppliers, distributors, retailers, and end-users.

Bridges also make it easier for people to buy goods and services both in their local areas and elsewhere. It also acts as a pedestrian and vehicle passageway.

Trains travel under bridges or on bridges, the bridges are typically high above the train's rear end. In this case, it's a railway bridge, so it won't pass beneath it but rather on top of it. Take a look at how the bridge is constructed;

This railway bridge is very dangerous, it is called the Pamban Bridge. It is one of the most dangerous railway bridges in the world. Looking at the railway bridge, it is closer to the surrounding water meaning if the rain falls harder, the water might reach the train and push it into the water.

Also, most railway bridges do not have water beneath it because, it might carry objects or solid particles which will hit against the surface of the railway bridge and eventually, cause the railway bridge to break down.

But, this railway bridge has water beneath it and not a normal water but a moving water, which means the above threat mentioned might occur. The water might also weaken the railway bridge gradually and cause it to breakdown also as mentioned.

Apart from the above, how dangerous do you see the bridge or what other threat makes the bridge dangerous?

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