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Road Accident

Sad Video: Watch Heartbreaking Moment Okada Rider Was Crashed To Death

Road accidents have become a worrying situation hanging on the necks of authorities in Ghana. There has been an uncountable engagement by the Road Safety Commission and the MTTD on how to drive safely to avoid accidents but it seems some drivers are not ready to change.

Okada riders have since been recognized as the most lawless users of the road. They contribute to the increasing fatalities that have over the years consumed the entire nation. Medical doctors have indicated that the number of Okada riders who die in road accidents is higher than vehicles. The worse is that the injuries incurred by Okada riders are more severe than other accidents and in the slightest of instances, they are unable to survive.

Those who continue to ride it Okada have been advised to wear helmets and other tools for protection for them to at least survive in case of any uncertainties but that has not been adhered to by all. An unidentified Okada rider has met his untimely death at Akyim Oda after he rammed into a moving vehicle. The Okada rider was using the main road when he decided to overtake the vehicle that was leading him.

As he was using the middle lane, he hit the driver's side of the same vehicle and fell. Unfortunately for him, another vehicle was coming from the opposite direction and that is where the woes of the Okada rider began. He lost control of the Okada in the process and landed under the vehicle that was coming from the opposite direction.

The dashboard camera of the driver whose name has been given as Chris captured the action as it happened. The Okada riders landed under his vehicle and died instantly. The sad video covered everything from the beginning to the end. Mr. Chris confirms that the rider died instantly when he was retrieved from where he landed.

What compounded the situation was that the Okada rider had no helmet and it was his recklessness that caused the accident. He could have not died instantly if he was having a helmet. He could not have died instantly if he did not overtake the vehicle carelessly. This video should serve as a lesson to all Okada riders to be extra careful whilst using the road. watch the video here

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