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All These People Faked Their Kidnap With Some Jailed Between 2020 And 2021; 3 Of Them From Takoradi.

The issue of fake kidnapping is gradually becoming a worry and threath to the Peace and security of our dear country. The question still lingers on, what could make a rational human being fake a kidnap ? Interestingly, two of these popular fake kidnapping cases happened at Takoradi. Well, as to what the reason may be, lets abbreast ourselves with some fake kidnapping cases that occured between the year 2020 and 2021.

Beatrice Naa Lamley Keelson


This young lady resided at Osu in Accra. According to the Ghana Police Service report as corroborated by various media outlets, this girl worked as a mobile money vendor. One evening, nobody knew what came over her. She took all the money belonging to her boss and went into hiding.

At her hideout, she made calls to her boss and parents weeping that she has been kidnapped. Not only that, all the momo Cash has been taken away by the captives. The unsatisfied captives are also demanding a ransom of 50,000 ghana cedis else she will be killed.

Her boss quickly reported the matter to the Police. Few days later, she appeared with cuts on her body Faking to be dumb. When she was taken to the hospital, doctors confirmed that there was nothing wrong with her. Further investigations by the Police proved that she faked her own kidnapping. She later confessed to the act. Beatrice was later sentenced to prison by the courts with her own confession

Esther Boadiwaa

Esther Boadiwaa was a student of TI AMASS. Esther reportedly left campus to her new boyfriend in far away Volta Region. Sensing that school Authorities and her family were looking for her, she placed a call Weeping of kidnap. She Reportedly told her parents that the captives are taking rounds in sleeping with her. Indeed, what should we expect between Esther and her new boyfriend? School Authorities became so alarmed with media bashing and public outcry. This is because she was a boarder. After police enquiries and investigations, Esther Boadiwaa was located. She later confessed to Faking her kidnap. Her case kept pending till it died off in the media. We can't confirm whether she was jailed or not.

Wilhelmina Aidoo and Ransford Mensa

These two love birds left their homes in Takoradi and camped themselves in a Hotel room at Winneba. The girl later placed calls to her parents that she has been kidnapped. Later, she confessed to the Police that they were having no money. That made them plan that trick to sort themselves out. Her Worship Rosemary Edith Hayford convicted them of their own words. The Sekondi Takoradi circuit court gave them years of jail term.

Philip Ametepe

This story happened recently. He faked his own kidnap. He alleged that he was Placed in a sack. He later cut it with a blade and escaped. His own father came out to expose that his son lied. Luckily for him, he wasn't arrested or jailed despite sparking the whole country into a state of emergency.

Josephine Ataa Panin Mensah

She is the latest in the arena. She faked a pregnancy and her own kidnap. I won't Waste much time on her story as it still unfolds with the Police.

Well, I'll urge the public to cross check before criticizing Government and the state of Ghana's security. I was sad about how the media and opposition parties lambasted the national security apparatus regarding these fake kidnap cases. What has changed? There are genuine cases like the Takoradi Kidnap girls. However, we should stop making unnecessary tagging just to score cheap political points . Before you realize, those cases were faked. Kudos to IGP George Akufo Dampare and his boys.

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