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Muslim Girl Beaten To Stupor After She Attended A Party And Was Caught (Video)

An unpleasant video has been released on social media about a Muslim girl who was beaten badly after she was she went to a party and was caught. 

I’m this video, you can see 4 men with long canes, seriously and mercilessly beating the young girl who was on her knees. After much investigation, it was reported that the boys were given an order to beat the girl by their teacher identified to be Madrasah Musbaudeen. This happened in an Arabic school for Muslims. 

Yes, this girl went against the Muslim rules and doctrines but was this the right way to discipline her, for me after watching this video I saw nothing more than child maltreatment and those involved should be apprehended and corrected so it doesn’t happen to another person. 

That being said, all parties involved, including the teacher, should be compelled to apologize to the student. Although it won't end the pain of the traumatic experience, it will go a long way to prove a point that there are limits to enforcing discipline.

Watch the video here:

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