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Water scarcity in the city: Kufuor gallon becoming Akufo-Addo gallon?

It seems the country is not taking a good look at the water supply sector probably because we are too concerned about lights and Dumsor for which reason, we have not highlighted the problems associated with difficulty in having access to safe, potable and good drinking water. The country currently is in deep mess as far as the water sector is concerned.

Scores or residents in Tema community 12 were seen a few days ago harvesting water for their homes from a huge public drain. The high turbid looking water had become the saviour for the people within the enclave and they grable for same.

Unfortunately, the scarcity of good drinking water is taking over most part of the country, and it is becoming almost a crisis.

The phenomenon of shortage of water in recent history invented what is known as the “Kufuor gallon”. In the early 2000s, the city of Accra got into crisis level when water became a scare commodity. People moved far and wide across the Capital in search of water.

The most convenient carrier people used to go on water hunting was this 20litres capacity yellow or green gallons, which had cooking oil as its original content. People carried it all around the city, and it painted the city in its yellow or green colours due to the sheer number of people looking for water on the streets.

The call to the then President, John Agyekum Kufuor to take action and end the water crisis, also soon resonated with the use of the gallons-his name, naturally got paired with the gallons, thus, Kufuor Gallon became an anthem. The cooking oil container is now certified as 'Kufuor gallon'.

The unfortunate crisis is slowly repeating itself. Water scarcity is creeping in again. The gallons are taken over the cities of Accra.

What should be the name this time? Should we maintain the name of Kufuor this time again, or we must change the brand franchise and now copyright it to the well deserved and new investor of this scarcity of water? Will Akufo-Addo gallon be appropriate?

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