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We Were Only Joking, Please Forgive Us: Girls Grabbed For Feigning Kidnapping Beg

File image (Police at crime scene)

It seems Takoradi, the capital of the western region is becoming known for both real and fake kidnapping. There has been a history of people trying to fake their kidnapping to lure others to provide them monies. Even though some of these kidnappings have proven to be real, it beats imagination on how some persons will develop the idea of faking their kidnappings.

The oil city of Takoradi is currently in another state of shock after another fake kidnapping case was reported by the police. The three, Awortwe Susana, Joana Krah, and Francis Eshun, all residents of Sekondi Takoradi have been arrested after their plans went wrong. The main mastermind was Joana Krah who involved the two others to pick an amount of GHC 5,000 from her father.

The father who was worried over the development was at the police station making an official complaint when the lady in question appeared and confessed that she was only joking with the kidnapping. She was then arrested and her accomplices were also grabbed. The aspect where they confessed to being joking with the kidnapping is what has gotten many residents in the Twin City worried. Maybe they forgot that it is a crime in the laws of the country to fake kidnapping.

Another unfortunate aspect is that they demanded an amount of GHC 5,000 from their target, it beats imagination on how three persons will demand such an amount of money after being kidnapped. It has as well not been too long since another lady faked her kidnapping and has been going through serious punishments so it is confusing how someone will repeat the same mistake.

But the laws of the country are not friendly to jokes and anyone who tries to play around will meet the needed punishment. The three young girls are being paraded before the court to provide answers on why they decided to cause fear and panic. They will also have to answer why they decided to feign such an expansive joke. Residents in the Sekondi Takoradi are calling for a stiffer punishment on the three girls. They believe that such persons are painting a bad picture about the city and that should seize at once.

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