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How To Detect A Bad Nigerian in Ghana

A Reasonable number of Nigerians are in Ghana today. Most of them are involved in legal economic activities while some are in shady dirty business. These bad ones in the mist of good ones have been generally and literally tagged all Nigerians in Ghana to be bad and evil.

I remember those days when every Ghana girl wants a Nigerian boy friend,but the trend has changed. No Ghana girl wants to near a Nigerian man because of fear of being used for money rituals or even scammed.

But not all Nigerians are bad! We have a lot of Nigerians who have distanced themselves from shady deals and are making it big time in Ghana. Now the question is how can one know or detectigerian? The answers are the following :

1)Always at home but goes out in the night. Most bad Nigerians don't go anywhere during the day but are active in the night. This is because their criminal activities are best done in the night.

2)Most bad Nigerians in Ghana leaves in groups. If you see a particular house or apartment that are occupied by Nigerians numbering three to six know that they are scammers. Observe their language you will discover that they are bad. They will even boldly tell you that they are scammers. Most often they stay at home initiating evil and practically looking for who to scammed. They can even boldly tell tell you that they are scammers.

3)Having big cars with no known work to back it. Most bad Nigerians are having big cars which they did not work and acquired. They either acquired the cars through scamming or by money rituals. Slay queens beware!

4)Prostitution. When you see a Nigerian lady not having a husband and no work to show but always go out in the night and comes back in the morning, beware she is either a prostitute or is into some shady deals that can only be done in the night .

5)Body piercing and tattooing. No responsible Nigerian will pierce and tattoos his body in a manner that attracts unnecessary attention. If the person is not a musician or a footballer please take guide.

It is high time we could me together and expose these boys that are given Nigeria a bad name in Ghana. And landlords should inquire the business of that Nigerian coming to rent his house before he collects money and turn his house into a motel and a scamming centre.

Share this post with passion and let me know you views.

Content created and supplied by: Igweolololo (via Opera News )

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