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Sign Of End Time: See What This Lady Was Cuaght Doing With a Man During Her Husband's Burial(Photos)

A lot of strange things are happening in this world, people are living a life full of sins, but they are so proud of it as if it is the normal thing to do. People are accusing women of being the problem we are facing in the world today because they commit adultery unnecessary, married women are not left out of this indecent act and, in fact, they do it more than single ladies. The world is turning on its head, everything seems strange, Africa has now become the home of immoral behaviour.

A 25-year-old lady has done the unthinkable during the burial ceremony of her late husband. While the burial was going on, family and friends of the deceased were present, but, amazingly, the late man's wife was caught inside an uncompleted building nearby the place that the burial was being held. Reports reveal that the man that was caught with the young lady is her ex-lover who also came to the burial to sympathise with her.

After some minutes both of them disappeared from the burial, and people started wondering where the lady could be. After some time they were found inside an uncompleted building having an affair with each other. People went back to the burial place to inform family and friends of what was going on, both of them were taken out of the building and were paraded in public.

The lady pleaded for mercy and not to be paraded in public, but the family of the deceased insisted that she deserves to be punished for committing an abomination. What this young lady has done is totally immoral. The mistake she made is that she should have waited for some time after the death of her husband to marry another man of her choice instead of committing adultery.

Do you think she deserves the treatment she got? Let's hear your opinion.

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