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Africans are notoriously religious but cannot use the same energy to manufacture toothpick

The recent killings and fuzz for the sake of religion isn't understandable and gets me wondering what Africans really want. Do something against an African on the basis of religion and he will come at you with full force. The same way, talk about ways to improve the lives of Africans and they will act as if they have no energy to kickstart anything.

An influencer has spat the facts and I am happy for the words he used. He claims Africans are notoriously religious but cannot use the same energy to manufacture even a toothpick. Guess what? It is 2022 and we even import toothpicks, toothbrushes, matchsticks and many other basic things.

It is completely sensible to say that, religion has been our problem since the Europeans and Arab infiltrated our African culture. The people who even introduced us to religion apply common sense at times when it is needed and here is us, who go ahead just to do anything all in the name of religion.

Today, there is a fuzz about tension between Christians and Muslims about some Muslim teachings being harsh on humans. Religion propelled some extremists to kill a young lady. Look at the energy they used in killing that lady and also, the energy they used to protest against the killers of the lady.

Tell them to use that same energy to think and make something meaningful and guess what? Nobody will come with a plan. Africans are very pathetic!!! No wonder we produce raw materials over here but still import secondary goods from other countries.

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