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Very Sad: A lady share her story on how she got burnt at age 4.

Life is full of storytelling in people living. This young lady share her life story which touch many people and also encourage everyone never to give up, no matter what they go through or life brings to them.

In the story she wrote, at the age 4, I was in a house fire, I remembered being trapped by a room full of Fire than being pulled out of the window by my big toe. I was in the house with my Mum and three Brothers, two brothers 2 and 6 did not make it out.

I was sent to one hospital where they weren't able to do anything for me, then flown to another hospital. By the time I made it there, my heart stopped. My mother had been told her third baby had died. After a few minutes, I was given another chance at life and I don't take it for granted at all. I was burnt over 60% of my body, lost f four fingers, lost my one ear, lost all my hair that isn't able to grow back again. Those were the things that I lost but I gained so much more.

I was given life, I am married and I have three beautiful children. I am blessed no matter what you are going through in life know that you have been picked personally to live the life you are living.

Through your bad days and through the good you are here and never give up in life. Things do happen in our life but shape us to be good, I appreciate whatever I went through it's not easy though but God knows the best.

I thank God foranother chance of life He gave me and the husband He brought into my life, He did not give up on me. You too never give up no matter what you are going through you can made it in life may God be with us all and fulfill our promise.

Please share and lets motivate others because people go through alot in life and try to give up, this story can change someone life. Thanks for reading and sharing

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Very Sad


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