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The Many Dead Bodies on Mount Everest And Why They Are Left to Stay On The Mountain (Photos)

Some many remains have been discovered at different locations on Mount Everest, and yet officials are unable to evacuate them because it becomes obviously absolutely impossible and hazardous for them to do so.

Around 200 corpses have been discovered along numerous paths throughout the mountainside. A few are laid to rest in shallow crevasses, whereas others are currently laid to rest in locations far from where they died as a result of migrating glaciers, and some have been transferred deliberately.

All of these bodies had already gone viral amongst hikers and had been given names. The following are some of the most well-known bodies.

1. Green boots

This body has never been formally recognised. However, it is thought to be Tsewang Paljor, an Indian hiker who perished in 1996 on Everest. Green Boots got their name from the green Koflach boots he wore on his legs.

2. David Sharp

The hiker went on his own, aiming to cross the mountain of Everest. He'd taken a break in Green Boots' cave, as had several others before him. Sadly, he died of frostbite when trapped in a hunched posture. Unfortunately, at least 40 individuals walked by Sharp that day and noticed his condition, but none of them intervened.

3. George Mallory

The body of this man, who died in 1924, was discovered 75 years later. Mallory sought to become the first human to summit Everest, though he vanished before anyone knew if he succeeded. His upper torso, part of his legs, including his left arm remained nearly intact when his remains were discovered in 1999.

4. Hannelore Schmatz

The very first female to die on the mountainside was this one. Schmatz has made it to the top of the mountain but collapsed from tiredness on the way to the ground. Despite repeated warnings, she set up tents in the dangerous zone, under which she eventually died.

5. Francys Arsentiev

On May 22, 1998, she was successfully able to attain the top of Mount Everest without using canned oxygen, unfortunately, she perished on the way down.

Several other tragic climbers are eternally stuck in the place where they crashed. Their remains are kept behind as marks for hikers and as a reminder of how harsh the summit climatic condition could be.

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