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Futuristic bus shelter is intended to enhance city air quality.

Air pollution is one of the most serious public health issues confronting metropolitan areas today, thus developing infrastructure to address this issue is critical to maintaining our cities' long-term viability. We've already seen such inventions in the form of air-purifying advertising banners, and now we're delighted to present you to another urban air purification system this time in the form of a bus stop.

The innovation, known as CAPS 2.0, is simply a bus shelter that filters air pollution in a city, eliminating airborne allergens and destroying viruses, germs, and fungi in seconds. The air-purifying bus stop is the result of a cooperation between technology developer Sinno Inno Lab and engineering company Arup, and its aim is to enhance urban air quality using cutting-edge filtration and sanitization technologies.

The unique second-generation technology works by pulling in surrounding dirty air and forming an invisible shield-like air curtain at the canopy's edge, while generating air currents within that region to purify the air.

The futuristic bus shelter then employs dual protection technologies, a Plasscide air sanitizer, and a multi-HEPA air purifier to remove hazardous suspended particles and viruses.

Sinno Inno Lab claims that the public air filtration system reduces pollution exposure by 50% and removes 99.95% of PM0.1 airborne allergens.

"A smart city solution must visually blend in with its urban surroundings," said Charis Ng, the CAPS 2.0 designer. "We are delighted with how we were able to combine all of the technical advancements, like various air purification and sanitization systems, real-time display screens, solar panels, and more, into a modern and elegant design." The latest CAPS 2.0 bus shelter contrasts well with Hong Kong's skyline.

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CAPS 2.0


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