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A lady returned a briefcase containing huge sum of money in Winneba

Good people barely exist these days, it is unbelievable and impressive for a person to return a briefcase containing huge sum of money. A lady called by name Gyimah studying at the University of Education Winneba(UEW) on boarding a taxi to a nearby destination, found a briefcase at the backseat of the taxi, she was very astonished as she knew that it could contain a huge sum of money or some beneficial documents. She thought of giving the briefcase to the driver but doubted if he was going to find the owner and give it him/her.

Gyimah thought of taking the missing item to the police or radio station. But to her surprise she found a wallet in the taxi beside her legs as she looked round in the taxi. When she opened the wallet, she found a business card. She ask the driver to stop the car so she alighted. She found a safe spot and called the number on the card.

According to Gyimah, the person who answered the call sound worried and in suspense to know if it is a call concerning the briefcase. She then realized it was the owner. Gyimah gave out her address to the owner of the briefcase( Mr. Ray) who showed up in no time looking very worried.

They spoke a while, everything was clear that Mr. Ray owns the briefcase as he answered every question Gyimah asked concerning the missing briefcase correctly. He went down his knees to appreciate Gyimah for her wonderful work done as Gyimah gave out the briefcase to him.

According to Mr. Ray, the briefcase contain a huge sum of money for a project he planned. He wanted to compensate Gyimah for her kindness and loyal nature, but Gyimah refused. Gyimah made up her mind to help without expecting anything in return. This shows that good people still exist.

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Gyimah University of Winneba


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