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Road Accident

Deadly accident claims the lives of 7 passengers on the Accra-Kumasi road

A deadly accident has claimed the lives of 7 passengers and injured several others at Obretma near Nkawkaw at the Accra- Kumasi highway. The accident happened in the early hours of Monday 12th April, 2021.

The accident involved a mercedes Sprinter bus which was carrying several passengers from Kumasi to Accra on this fateful day. According to the surviving passengers, the driver was on top speed and bursted a tyre at Nkawkaw. The passengers got down and the tyre was replaced at a nearby fitting shop before they continue the journey. Then they warned the driver to reduce the speed but the advice fell on death ears.

The overspeeding blue sprinter bus with registration number GW 744-21 bursted a second tyre at Obretma in an unexpected situation. The top speed prevented the driver from applying break initially but there was a heavy truck packed along the road. This truck forced the driver to apply break to prevent him from crashing into the truck.

But applying the break was a worst action. It forced the sprinter bus to summersault several times causing the passengers to fall on the road from the windows and the broken glasses. The bus continuous summersaulting pummelled the bodies of the passengers on the road and crashed them into smaller pieces. Some bodies were picked with shovels into sacks to the mortuary. The seven dead bodies have been deposited at the mortuary pending investigation and burial.

The rest of the passengers were taken to the nearby hospital for immediate medical attention.The bus wreckage severed bodies of the seven victims into smaller pieces. They died instantly. The police are yet to bring their investigative report into the accident.

This is a heartbreaking story. About 50 percent of accidents on our roads are caused by overspeeding and reckless driving. The beautiful lives of these 7 passengers have been wasted by this careless driving.

The Ghana Road Safety Commission is reminded to set up over speeding checking apparatuses on the highways to detect overspeeding and arrest these drivers at the checkpoints. This will go a long way to reduce accidents on our roads in the country.

Wrongful packing must also be punished accordingly. If the truck had not been packed there, the lives of these people would have been saved. Every road user is required to observe road signs and traffic regulations. Any breaches of these rules must attract instant punishment. Ghana is for us all. We must work together to make our road safer to ply.

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