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Show Me How I Can Fix The Erratic Water Supply And Dumsor? - Randy Abbey Boldly Ask NPP Panelist

The host of 'Good Morning Ghana' Randy Abbey has boldly asked the Executive Director of the Danquah Institute, Richard Ahiagba, to show him how he can fix the erratic water supply and dumsor? If he argues that the #fixthecountry hashtag should have been #wemustfixourcountry instead.

Dr. Randy Abbey made this statement on 'Good Morning Ghana' on Metro TV as a reaction to Richard Ahiagba opinion that the #fixthecountry hashtag is not the way to go, but rather it should have been #wemustfixourcountry

He asked him that he is a citizen of this country and when he finds the erratic water supply and dumsor unbearable, how does he fix it himself?

"I am using myself as an example so, show me how I can fix the erratic water and power supply? I want to know it so that I can fix it myself." - he said

He added that he is not elected into a position of responsibility to make decisions on behalf of the people. So, why should he create the impression that himself and those elected to make the decisions have the same responsibility of fixing this country?

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