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Video: Toothless thief forced by angry crowd to laugh or be ‘killed’ instantly

Thieves are currently killed, spared and made to work or maltreated in several ways including forcing them to laugh and probably dance or give some acrobats. These are done in the quest to humiliate them as they have cameras on them videoing the whole process and making him feel uncomfortable. Most thieves have been seen on the internet singing and making high pitch noise all in the quest to mock and humiliate them.

A recent video which has surfaced online shows one man laughing in a very funny tone. And this is because he was threatened by the crowd that if he failed to laugh, he would be beaten to a pulp or probably be killed. He was receiving knocks here and there and remaining untouched at certain times.

What the angry crowd requested was nothing but to see him laughing. The toothless thief whose laughter filled the lungs of the crowd with laughter laughed and was teased by the crowd. They mocked and humiliated him in every possible way they could. Since he had done no extreme harm, he was not treated like we have seen for many other thieves who have done some very bad things.

The thief was allegedly handed over to the security where he would receive his punishment per the crime he committed. Thieves off late are being treated in several ways which are all determined by the crowd and their current thoughts on how to deal with the case or situation. Watch video below:

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