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32-year old woman murdered in River Owere at Domeabra

32-year old woman murdered in River Owere at Domeabra 

What many rivers in Ghana don't like, are strangers in the town where the river lies. River Owere priest has taken to sorrow over the life of an innocent woman who mysteriously died yesterday, after that woman was heard using the name of the river to curse someone, for a forcing a story on her. Bernice who was born in Koforidua, was named Bernice Haydes to the Doctor who delivered her for free. The mother was struggling with Bernice's birth because of fibroid, but the foreign doctor Haydes, was on research to Koforidua Hospital where he encounter Bernice mother and delivered her in peace. 

Bernice moved from Koforidua to Domeabra in 2019, after Kalgo invited her for a weekend with him. Kalgo was going to Old Tafo for a contract job, when he met Bernice hawking in traffic. Kalgo was blinded by the physical stature of Bernice, and couldn't go without talking to her. He was able to convince her, into marrying him but the marriage could not take place when Kalgo died in 2020 February. Bernice moved in with Kalgo in 2019, and couldn't get married with him before his death. Kalgo who owned a two bedroom at Domeabra before his death, told everyone present on his hospital bed, not to stress Bernice after his death and the house was hers. 

Many believe the woman had charmed Kalgo to make him say that, before his mysterious death on 15 February 2020. Bernice never went back to Koforidua after the death of Kalgo, and continued living in the house he gave her before his death. Bernice on September last year, knew the mechanical and potential powers of River Owere, and still used it against one woman who accused her of taking her husband. Bernice after the death of Kalgo, trades in plantain crops and gets enough money to live a life she wants. 

There were allegations that she was having something to do with one Yanti, a married man, who spent all his monthly savings on her. Yanti is a married man with four children, but the wife blamed Bernice of using her physical stature to murder Kalgo, so she can take his house from the family. And forced him to make a death wish, so no one can take the house from her, after his death. The woman who was the wife of Yanti, further accused Bernice not to venture with her man and if she tries, she will go back to her Koforidua in a wedding suit. Bernice was angered by the woman's words of killing Kalgo, and strike the woman with river Owere on the 16 of November last year. Of all the allegations the woman said to Bernice, it was only the killing of Kalgo that stroke her heart and forced her to call the Owere River. 

The chief and elders forced Bernice to reverse the calling, after the woman summoned her in front of the elders of Domeabra. Bernice was called to reverse the calling she made on the 16 of Novermber 2020, and she did so with water and charcoal. It was too late for that, as the woman kept getting sick. The wife of Yanti's illnesses, forced the chiefs of the town to call the case again on 1 March 2021, to interpret further. 

It was there they agreed for Bernice to go the river side on Sunday afternoon, and reverse the curse she made on last year November. Bernice accepted the ruling and made it known to the elders, she doesn't know how to swim in water. Three people were to go with her to the riverside, and help her reverse the curse. The men helped Bernice to get into the middle of the river, in other to reverse the curse on her own. No one was to be in the river except Bernice in other to make the curse work.

As Beyonce raised her right arms to splash the eggs into the water, the river overturned her and pushed her under the water. The men tried rushing for her but couldn't find her, until three hours time. They found Bernice around 5pm in the evening, and she was already gone. They took her to the Domeabra Health Compound, but it was too late. Residents were puzzled as to why Bernice was murdered such way, but no explanations were given. Yanti and his family were bereaved, as Bernice was the only one to overturn the curse against his wife. The elders decline to answer questions when calls were made to them. From all indications, many thought it was because she slipped, or the river took her for been a stranger in the town. Others believe it was Yanti's wife's words, of sending Bernice back to Koforidua in a wedding dress. It is also known that, strangers are not allowed to use specific river bodies to curse others, and the people believe that aided in her death too. 

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