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A Mother Tearfully Tells How Her Daughter Got Missing After She Went To Visit Her Grandfather

A mother named Akua Tawia from Akyem-Awonya tearfully shares how her daughter got missing after she went to visit her grandfather a year ago. According to the woman, she is a trader who sells at the market to support her husband called Yaw in catering for their five children. A year ago, she left the children with her husband and went to the Ejisu market to sell as she usually does.

When she came back late at night, Yaw told her that their three children had gone to visit their grandfather. Akua says she waited for their return but only two of them came back, then her children told her that the other was fast asleep in their grandfather's room that's why they didn't come with her. The woman claims her kids used to spend the night with her father so she didn't bother herself to go and pick up her daughter.

The next morning, she went to her father's house to pick up her daughter and get her ready for school but her father informed her that the young girl didn't sleep at his house that night. Akua said she panicked and looked for the child the whole day but they couldn't find her. In the evening they got rumours from their neighbours that they saw a private car being parked at her father's house but they didn't know the actual thing those people came to do in the house.

This rumours made them suspected her father and they arrested him for allegedly kidnapping her daughter but he was later released. The mother says they have been looking for their child for a year but she has not returned and her husband also blamed her for the disappearance of their child and has decided to divorce her. According to Yaw, he has a good relationship with his in-laws all this while.

But his father-in-law threatens him that he will let him walk on foot back to his hometown without his knowledge. Aside from that he gave him a plot of land to work on it but his father-in-law prevented him from working on the land without offending him. A few months later, his daughter also disappeared after visiting her grandfather. Yaw claims that it is his father-in-law's attitude towards him that made him decide to divorce his wife.

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